15 February 2012

Little Red Sketchbook

To keep in practice - and really because I am fascinated with human beings ESPECIALLY in Los Angeles - I keep a 3x5 sketchbook in my purse to discreetly record the goings-on around me. In this case, these are some fans waiting for the Kings to emerge from the locker room for their pre-game practice. The father and son totally nailed me. As I was finishing up the sketch they appeared by my side to see how it turned out.

This is a rare occurrence here in L.A. I'm thankful the natives stood still long enough for me to sketch their mating ritual.
Mother and daughter, which is which?

The chef at Toshi Sushi. Very welcoming, yes. Alas, he is not from Hawaii.

13 February 2012

All the Rembrandts in Southern California #3

Trying to recreate "The Raising of Lazarus" in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is proving to be a difficult task. I came armed with color pencils to capture the nuances of tone and color. 

I ended up frustrated...

The Raising of Lazarus,  1631

So I wandered into the Impressionists room and decided to take a composition class from Cezanne:

Not to worry, I'll just keep trying with Rembrandt until I get it. Perhaps I should try washes next time...

02 February 2012

All the Rembrandts in Southern California #2

Portrait of Martin Looten, 1632

This is from Rembrandt's 1632 portrait of Marten Looten in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Unfinished, yes. As I was standing in the gallery drawing, flashes from the next room caught my eye. A woman in her sixties was playfully "voguing" in front of a gilt decorative screen as her companion snapped up photos. "With Facebook, everyone's a diva," I chortled to myself. Turns out it was my friend, Chad (from the Disney days), and his mother. They were a hoot! So I got a bit distracted. Who says you can't have fun in a museum?