06 April 2013

Pierrot Lunaire: Sketches of Julia Migenes

A few weeks ago. I tagged along with Gwen & Chas Garabedian and Rhonda Magnus to "Thresholds: The Scandals of 1912-13," one of the Jacaranda series of concerts at First Presbyterian Santa Monica. We had the joy of seeing and hearing Julia Migenes perform Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire.  It did not take long after the music started for us to get sketching. I had forgotten to bring anything to draw with, so I grabbed a golf pencil out of the pew. I wish I had Chas' sketches to share. His were far more expressive and better than mine... 

Sketches of Julia within Giraud's verses
Pamela Vliek Martchev, the flutist, wore a striking period costume
 in the spirit of the evening.