29 March 2014

Cherry Blossom Time at Descanso Gardens with Cynthia

Early last year, I just felt the need to get lost in the trees somewhere beautiful. Descanso Gardens was the first place to spring to mind (google it and you'll see. Actually, NO, just get your body there). I thought it might be fun to take my "Little Sister" Cynthia along with me to see how she would react. I knew I was onto something when she took her first tentative steps "off the path" and exclaimed, "I feel like Catniss!" 

So today, we explored as far as we could up into the hills, until the dwindling trails stopped us. 

Then we came back down under the canopy back into the gardens to find the blazing white cherry trees we remembered from last year. 

Finding just the right spot, Cynthia nestled herself onto a stone plith bench and proceeded to take a nap. And there was a long quiet. When it was time, she popped up and proclaimed, "I'm ready to paint." So I opened up the art pack and we were off. These are all her snaps.

Cynthia's work in progress

And mine

Cynthia's Cherry Blossom Garden

 My Cherry Tree

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