31 December 2015

All the Rembrandts in Southern California #5, 6 & 7

So why not use my Doodles of the Day to catch up on my study of Rembrandts in So Cal?

This is from a majestic depiction of Juno that is actually a portrait of Rembrandt's wife, Saskia. Is Rembrandt implying that he is Zeus himself? She lives in Westwood at the Hammer.

Speaking of Zeus, this is the god himself from The Rape of Europa at the Getty Museum. I had asked my sister to choose an image from my Rembrandt book. She pointed to this creature and said, "You should draw this horse..." 

A detail from the Portrait of a Bearded Man at the Norton Simon Museum. I have so much to learn from him about drawing and painting the human eye. So, more to come.

Doodles of the Day & Chaz's Boxer

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Here's to more free form play in 2016!

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Here's my favorite sketch from this year.

For my friend Charles Garabedian or - as we all call him at Peet's - Chaz.


Gabrielle Demeestre's "Yosemite" opens Friday with James Franco (the film is adapted from his short stories) and three young gentlemen: Everett Meckler, Alec Mansky & Calum John in the leading roles. They received a great review from the Village Voice. Let's go out and give her our support! 
Opening 1/1/16 - IFC Center - NYC
Opening 1/22/16 - Laemmle Music Hall - Los Angeles

14 November 2015


I’ve made a pledge to watch movies by all female directors the weekend they release. If we want them to have a presence in Hollywood, we need to vote with our tickets.

What a time to start! We actually have 3 openings for female directors this weekend. 

Here’s what we're watching:

THE 33 – Patricia Riggen
BY THE SEA – Angelina Jolie
LOVE THE COOPERS – Jessie Nelson

And in its 2nd week at the Nuart:
PEGGY GUGGENHEIM: ART ADDICT – Lisa Immordino Vreeland 

Let's get out there and support our Sisters in filmmaking!!

22 October 2015

Maya Angelou - Female Icon


Maya Angelou is the first of my series of watercolor portraits of female icons. To me she is joy, wisdom, beauty. A dancer, a poet, she was even a conductor on a cable car in San Francisco. She ventured ahead and lit the way.